• Teaching languages (1) Arabic and (2) French at all levels (one-to-one classes or large group classes)
    • Teaching English for non-native speakers (ESL)
    • Language assessment through standard proficiency of ACTFL including OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview)
    • Evaluating language and culture programs
    • Coaching Arabic instructors to apply innovative teaching methodologies
    • Coaching instructors on instruction through technology and Digital Humanities for teaching, research and preservation
    • Editing Arabic and French languages in all fields
    • Translation services into the three languages (French, Arabic and English)
    • Digital linguistic analysis freelance by collecting massive data for dictionaries and research with full annotation
    • Language testing of the four learning skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading of the three languages
    • Digital curation for cultural and product exhibits
    • Online teaching using the synchronous method (life streaming)
    • Establishing online programs.
    • Cultural training by focusing on Cultural awareness training
    • Leadership training for managing across cultures
    • Global team facilitation and training
    • Virtual global team training
    • Talent development in a global setting
    • Training in cross-cultural communications skills
    • Country-specific training

Cultural training and language teaching can take place in a variety of formats: (1) One-on-one coaching, (2) Classroom training and interactive workshops, (3) Group facilitation and coaching and (4) Online Training.

Contact us about how your company can improve its global performance through cultural training. We will gladly help you bring your workforce to the new level of competence needed to work in a global environment.