Invited talks of Dr. Aloush (selection):

  • “The Egyptian Revolution: A turning point in the peoples’ life or a lesson to follow in the region.” Civic Resolution Center, Camden Community College sponsored by University of Pennsylvania, Camden, New Jersey, March 2011. My talk was written up by the Camden Community Newspaper, April 2011.
  • “Digitizing the Professional Career”, Digital Forum at University of Pennsylvania (for the purpose of coaching faculty members and librarians to build digital visibility), May 2015
  • “Teaching Arabic in a Global context”, Lauder Institute – University of Pennsylvania, merging teaching language with business, May 2015
  • “Multiculturalism, The Theory of Integration, Immigration and Islamism” – one day panel at The Lincoln University, February 2016
  • “Salafism in France: Transnational Identity and Emancipatory Form of the Father’s Colonial Past.” Bonaventure University, NY, April 2016
  • Implementing New Methodologies of Teaching Arabic for K through 12 teachers” – one day workshop sponsored by University of Pennsylvania through a federal grant to train community colleges in Pennsylvania to teach Arabic using the latest technologies and methodologies, June 2016