Professional experience of the founder and President

  • Dr. Aloush has established the Online Arabic Program at University of Pennsylvania since 2012 and to present.
  • Dr. Aloush has created a software of teaching Arabic Alphabet through games as a first stage of a bigger program software to teach different languages in addition to culture components by applying the Edutainement theory. In developing this new model, DigiLanguages will participate in building a global community through the presentation of humanizing encounters with unfamiliar alphabets as bearers of meaning of multiple languages and cultures. Our goal is to expand the experience of personal growth through conscious reflection and online interactive engagement with the Arabic language, as rendered in the Arabic alphabet and in other surrogate alphabets (e.g., Hebrew, Persian, Ottoman, and Urdu). The methodology employed is based on the development of gamified online virtual learning tools. The project prototype was presented in a show case at the Digital Humanities Cornerstone Conference held at University of Pennsylvania in July 2015.
  • Dr. Aloush had continously offered a yearly plan of online language instruction workshops given to different language instructors at University of Pennsylvania and other universities as well.
  • Also, she offers brown bag lectures to language instructors at University of Pennsylvania on the use of Digital Humanities in teaching and research.
  • She created an Arabic-Germanic Unit project of teaching language through culture for Advanced Arabic and Germanic students combined (taught in English but reflected upon in the class target language), spring 2014.
  • She is professionaly OPI trined and she is certified for Teaching Languages for Purposes
  • Dr. Aloush is specialized on writing grants.