Who we are!

Dr. Abeer Aloush, the founder of DigiLanguages, is a multilingual native speaker. She is passionate of languages and believes that learning languages and cultures can make the world live in peace and harmony; through knowing languages and cultures co-existence can be a key figure for all. Exploring the  culture can clear up misunderstanding and heal the world. DigiLinguages helps manifest a new global Culture of Consciousness and surround the earth with peace and joy. When you learn a language you connect with thousands of others worldwide for healing troubled regions of the world, and for helping those who are in need.

A new tool that DigiLanguages offers is the digital world since learning and experiencing culture competence can be done virtually and remotely; DigiLinguages is doing it online on a platform that provides full communication and audiovisual interaction between instructor and learner. The face-to- face training and coaching can be done as well for companies and businesses after tailoring the course according to their needs.

She designs language courses for specific purposes, develop its materials, coach on culture competence, translate web-page and offer translations into the three languages. She chooses her team accurately and professionally; they are all trained in the academic field.