Diving in the French and Arabic Languages and Cultures

DigiLanguages focuses on creating a digital efficient and outstanding environment that provides an inspirational and creative world language; it provides a tremendous variety of languages services for Arabic and French. DigiLanguages believes that increasing globalization has created a large need for people in the workforce who can communicate in multiple languages and especially French and Arabic. The two languages are United Nations official languages and they are needed for many purposes including government, diplomacy, trade, tourism, international relations, technology, media, and science. Our services are the following:

OnlineĀ language learning in customized lesson plans tailored for your need based on the scale of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) can be offered online professionally through the digital platform of DigiLanguages Services. Life time learning is encouraged in the digital age. The communicative participatory approach will be applied in your life meeting lesson to imitate a face-to-face classroom. Individual or group meetings are offered upon request. Online crash courses or long-term courses are also planned according to the need. The teaching setting can be provided online or in field according to the plan.

Teaching for Purposes is providing you with the communicative language you need to fulfill your target whether in a technical scientific field or in commercial business field or other.

Translation services are provided between any combinations of the three languages: Arabic/French/English.

Culture Competence Training is one of the goals that DigiLanguages is professional at. It helps the growth of our clients in foreign markets and in multicultural environments within and outside the U.S. We create compelling and culturally-relevant multilingual content for marketing, branding, and technical communications.

Digital Curation is one of what DigiLanguages can help you with; we can curate digital exhibits using different languages to promote ideas, logos, products, history or stories.

Digital linguistics is one of our services as well. By collecting data corpus and analyze them we will help in the creation of digital dictionaries, the work of linguistic labs, research and machine learning.